Philadelphia Supplemental Social Security Income Lawyer

The Social Security Administration oversees the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. SSI benefits are approved for people based on financial need. Of counsel attorney to Kenneth L. Baritz & Associates, P.C., Perry Liss, provides comprehensive guidance to clients throughout the process of obtaining Supplemental Security Income.

The process of applying for SSI can take time, and it may seem confusing. Additionally, if you are denied benefits, you will need an attorney who has ample knowledge of the SSI process. Whether you need assistance with an initial application or benefits denial, contact our Norristown SSI lawyer online to schedule a free initial consultation with of counsel attorney Perry Liss.

Who Can Receive SSI?

Supplemental Security Income is a need-based program that is financed through general revenues. SSI disability benefits are payable to adults and children who:

  • Are disabled or blind
  • Have limited income and resources
  • Meet the living arrangement requirements

The monthly payment varies up to the maximum federal benefit rate, which may be supplemented by the state or decreased by countable income and resources.

Understanding Supplemental Security Income

Generally, the maximum federal SSI benefit changes yearly; however, SSI benefits will not automatically increase when there is no increase in the Consumer Price Index. An experienced Philadelphia Supplemental Social Security Income attorney can let you know the amount of benefits you are eligible for.

Some states supplement the federal SSI benefit with additional payments. This makes the total SSI benefit levels higher in those states. SSI benefit amounts and state supplemental payment amounts vary based upon your income, living arrangements, and other factors.

The Social Security Administration manages the state supplement for Pennsylvania.

Perry Liss also handles Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims. Some of our clients may qualify for both SSDI and SSI.

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