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July 2014 Archives

Police issue four underage drinking tickets at race track

Despite the law stating that one must be 21years-old to legally drink, many people in Philadelphia drink before they attain that age. Many of them do not think about the consequences of underage drinking though. They are simply worried about fitting in or getting drunk to help them let loose and have fun. However, despite the fact that underage drinking is somewhat common, the consequences of a conviction can have long-term consequences that may not be immediately apparent.

Pennsylvania man faces vehicular homicide DUI charges

Pennsylvania drivers who are arrested after a drunk driving accident may face multiple charges, all with their own penalties. Indeed, if another person is hurt or killed in the accident, a DUI charge may be one of the lesser charges filed against the suspect.

Philadelphia man charged after allegedly possessing a gun

There are many guns and other weapons in Philadelphia. Some people feel that there are probably too many guns and would like to see a decrease in the numbers. Despite this sentiment, guns are still prevalent and in many cases owned legally. However, there are many people in Philadelphia who also own guns illegally. These people, if caught by the police, could face gun charges and serious consequences as the regulation of guns is fairly tight.

New mentoring program designed to curb repeat juvenile offenders

The goal for most juveniles in Philadelphia is to become productive members of society as an adult. Many make mistakes along the way though. That is how many of them learn. However, some make bigger mistakes than others and end up committing crimes, such as drug possession. If they are caught they will have to answer for their actions in the juvenile justice system. If they are convicted of the crimes they may face serious consequences that go beyond the punishment given to them by the court.

Four men facing drug charges after police raid

Law enforcement officials recently arrested four people just outside of Philadelphia who were allegedly dealing drugs. The police arrested the four people after executing a search warrant at their home early in the morning hours while the people inside were still sleeping. The police allegedly found cash, a gun, baggies of heroin and marijuana and a scale, among other things. Three of the people were charged with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, and one was also charged with drug dealing.