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December 2014 Archives

Philadelphia man charged with drug dealing

Drugs can be found in many places in Philadelphia. There are a large number of people who use illegal drugs and therefore there are a large number of people involved in drug dealing. Drug dealers can make some money selling drugs, but there are inherent risks in doing it, as it is illegal. If one is caught selling drugs the consequences can be very serious. Despite this, the rewards outweigh the risks for many people.

What are the penalties for college students having fake IDs?

There are a number of colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area. Of course, college students are sometimes known for going to parties and drinking alcohol. However, in order to drink alcohol before one is 21 years old, one must generally obtain it illegally. Oftentimes underage students will go to parties where alcohol is being served or they will ask another friend who is 21 to buy it for them.

Rules for ignition interlock after a DUI in Philadelphia

Many people in Philadelphia are charged with DUIs every year. If a person is convicted, the consequences can be very serious, including the loss of their driver's license. After a person's driver's license is suspended, if they want to drive they must use the ignition interlock system in their vehicle for a period of time. The amount of time depends on their BAC at the time of the incident and how many prior DUIs he or she may have at the time.

Which weapons are illegal to possess in Philadelphia?

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution protects a person's right to bear arms. However, this only protects a person's right to possess certain firearms and those rights can be taken away if the person commits certain acts. There are also a number of weapons that no one, even if they have the right to possess a firearm, can possess. The ownership of these weapons can result in gun charges for residents of Philadelphia.