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September 2016 Archives

Possessing firearms in a courthouse

Gun rights is a hotly debated issue in Philadelphia with passionate people on both sides of the issue. However, regardless of a person's views on gun rights, the law allows certain people to possess firearms with the proper licenses. But, there are many others who are prohibited from possessing them. Nonetheless, even those who have the proper licenses are still prohibited from possessing them in certain locations.

Philadelphia meth manufacturing may lead to harsh penalties

There has been a war on drugs in Philadelphia for a long time. Despite the efforts, there are still many people who use and are addicted to illegal drugs. While people still use drugs, the war on drugs has resulted in much harsher penalties for those who are caught using them. As people use them, other people need to supply them. And, the penalties for distributing the drugs are even harsher than those for just drug possession.

Requirement for drug and alcohol assessments after a DUI

Many people enjoy alcohol from time to time in Philadelphia? While there is nothing illegal about consuming alcohol if the person is 21 or older, many decisions people make after drinking too much can get them in trouble. Some of these decisions just lead to personal problems with friends or family, but others lead to trouble with the law. One illegal decision that people make is to get behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol.

What happens at a juvenile dispositional hearing?

As people in Philadelphia know, there are a set of rules for children and a different set of rules for adults. Children need to be supervised much more than adults because children usually do not understand the consequences of their actions. Adults, generally, need to protect children from these consequences, so they learn and do not make the same mistakes as they grow older. This is also true in the criminal world. While many of the laws are similar, after a law is broken, juveniles are treated differently than adults in the juvenile law system.