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Co-founder of Crocs footwear arrested for DUI

This past weekend, John Boedecker, a co-founder of the much-loved Crocs footwear line made headlines in Boulder, Colorado. Unfortunately, the headlines weren’t for his philanthropic works, but rather for his rather bizarre drunk driving arrest.

According to reports, Boulder police responded to a call of a driver passed out behind the wheel of a 2010 Porsche Carrera with the engine running at around 5pm last Sunday.

Upon arriving at the scene, Boedecker allegedly exited the car — which was parked partially on the sidewalk — and spoke with police, indicating that he had been taking a brief nap after a charity benefit.

He then allegedly went on to state that his girlfriend was driving but that she had left after an argument. When police asked who Boedecker’s girlfriend was, he responded that she was a very famous singer. Shortly thereafter, Boedecker allegedly asked one of the responding officers if he knew who Taylor Swift was.

The police report indicated that when pressed about the location of his girlfriend, Boedecker pointed off into the distance and said that she had left for Nashville.

He also purportedly became increasingly uncooperative and abusive toward the officers, telling them to mail him his citation and then trying to get back into his Porsche, refusing to take a field sobriety test, threatening the officers’ badges and even indicating that he was about to go “medieval.”

Based on this conduct and that the fact that he allegedly smelled of alcohol, had trouble maintaining his balance and slurred his speech, officers placed him under arrest on suspicion of drunk driving.

Boedecker, who resigned from the Crocs board back in 2006 and who now works as a philanthropist was released on a $500 bond. He has since released a statement via a public relations firm expressing regret over what transpired.

“On behalf of the Boedecker Foundation and Mr. George Boedecker Jr., we acknowledge and regret the incident of Aug. 12 in Boulder, Colorado, between our founder, George Boedecker Jr., and the Boulder Police Department,” read the statement. “We would appreciate respecting both (Boedecker’s) privacy and the ongoing investigation at this time.”

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