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Pennsylvania businessman pleads guilty to drug charges

Charges of manufacturing, possessing or trafficking drugs can have a dramatic effect on the lives of almost anyone. Drug charges carry a severe social stigma, and those facing them may still be ostracized by their communities even if acquitted. Understanding the evidence arrayed against a defendant and the methods used in the collection is the first step toward creating a solid defense or determining what sort of plea may result in a fair outcome.

A north Pennsylvania man charged with trafficking drugs and leading an operation that dealt in illegal activities chose to plead guilty to the charges last week. The charges stem from a series of May arrests that allegedly broke up the criminal organization, resulting in the arrests of 32 suspected drug dealers in the state.

The 43-year-old man was released on $10,000 bail after entering an open plea. An open plea is a call for leniency from the court in which the defense and the prosecution have not reached an agreement on sentencing. The man was suspected of using methamphetamine as well as participating in its sale and distribution, and police were already investigating the alleged use when they began the trafficking investigation.

Such large drug investigations may easily net those with only a peripheral connection with the alleged operations. Those facing such charges should strive to understand the many factors that can affect their cases.

Source: phillyBurbs.com, “North Penn drug kingpin pleads guilty,” Margaret Gibbons, Nov. 20, 2012


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