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High school gym teacher arrested on drug charges

Criminal charges can have a long-lasting and dramatic effect on a person’s social standing and employment options, even if those charges are later dropped or the person is acquitted. Drug charges carry an especially powerful stigma, one that can result in discrimination when seeking employment. Those accused of drug-related offenses should seek to understand the nature of the charges and the evidence leveled against them.

A Pennsylvania gym teacher was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and the corruption of minors after authorities allegedly caught him on camera snorting a substance and offering it to a juvenile. The superintendant of the teacher’s school district had installed cameras as part of an internal investigation after he was alerted of possible wrongdoing by police.

Police reviewed the footage and obtained a warrant. They believe that residue found in the teacher’s office may be related to the case, and local students stated that rumors of drug use in the school had been spreading for some time.

Everyone deserves the right to a fair trial. Many different factors can come into play when a person working in a public facility, such as a school, has to defend him- or herself against serious criminal charges. Understanding these factors and how they directly affect the case is the first step toward creating a solid criminal defense or determining what kind of plea may be appropriate given the circumstances.

Source: KDKA, “Gym Teacher Arrested, In Jail On Drug Charge,” Ralph Iannotti, Nov. 27, 2012


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