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Teen charged for possession of potential explosives

In the wake of a tragedy such as the recent school shooting, suspicion can run rampant and even small missteps can place people under criminal scrutiny here in Philadelphia and across the country. Charges for juvenile crimes can result in very severe consequences, whether or not a conviction results, so it is very important for defendants and their parents to take these charges very seriously.

A teen was sitting in class last week when his teacher reported concerning behavior. The 16-year-old was reportedly idly drawing in his notebook: The drawing in question was of a glove with fire coming from it. The teacher notified the police, who removed the student from class and later searched his home.

The police found electronic parts and substances that could be mixed to form explosive compounds and arrested the student. An extensive search of the New Jersey school was conducted, but no explosives or similar devices were located.

The teen was later charged as a juvenile with the possession of an explosive device.

The teen’s mother described him as a morally upstanding person who spends his free time volunteering to help senior citizens. She also said that he had a hobby of tinkering with electronics and rebuilding items from the spare parts, which may have been why he possessed the items in question.

Juvenile crimes, or even accusations, can be damaging to a teen’s future. Even in circumstances that are in reality harmless, misunderstandings can lead to criminal charges. This is why it is important that teens and parents who find themselves in these situations take the charges seriously and seek legal counsel.

Source: Fox Philly, “First On Fox. Teen’s Mom Speaks Out On Her Son and ‘Explosive’ Chemicals,” Dave Schratweiser, Dec. 19, 2012


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