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Guilty plea for Pennsylvania man facing 103 drug charges

In a court of law, drug charges are considered to be among the most serious offenses that a defendant can face. Charges of drug dealing and drug trafficking can bring with them long prison terms, steep fines and other serious consequences that can have a long-term impact on the life of the accused.

A 41-year-old Montgomery Township man entered a guilty plea Jan. 4 on multiple charges including possession with intent to deliver cocaine, criminal use of a communication facility, dealing in unlawful proceeds, and conspiracy. These charges stem from the man’s alleged participation in a southeastern Pennsylvania cocaine trafficking ring that spanned Philadelphia, Chester and Montgomery counties.

In all, the man entered guilty pleas to 103 separate counts of drug-related charges. Although free on bond, the man is facing a potential state prison term that might be measured in decades.

A total of 27 people were charged in connection with the drug trafficking ring, and police allege this man was one of their leaders.

Drug charges can be complicated, and fighting a conviction requires appropriate defense strategies. The goal behind an effective defense is often to have the charges reduced in order to lessen the negative impact on the life of the accused. With loss of liberty on the line, those who are accused of drug trafficking and other serious drug offenses need to be aware of their rights.

Source: Montgomerynews.com, “Montgomery Township man admits to role in cocaine trafficking ring,” Jan. 7, 2013


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