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Pennsylvania State Representative found guilty of DUI

As some people in Pennsylvania have learned, being arrested and charged with drunk driving is a very unpleasant experience. The social consequences of charges for driving under the influence can bring humiliation to entire families long before a person is even found guilty. If a person is convicted, the legal consequences can involve hundreds of dollars in fines and a license suspension, as well as jail time. For people in certain careers, a DUI can have additional ramifications.

In April 2011, Pennsylvania State Representative Cherelle Parker was charged with allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. On Jan. 16, she was found guilty and sentenced to a maximum of six months in jail and her driver’s license was also suspended for one year.

The Montgomery County judge, who presided over the case at the behest of the Attorney General’s Office, also ordered her to attend safe-driving and alcohol-awareness classes. At the time of her arrest, Parker’s blood alcohol content was measured at twice the legal maximum.

Lawyers for Parker have indicated that they are likely to appeal the ruling due to some evidentiary and procedural issues that arose during the case.

Philadelphia motorists who are facing drunk driving charges can improve their odds in court by seeking as much information as possible about protecting their rights. With skilled legal counsel, it can be possible in some circumstances to fight the DUI allegations and emerge successfully; in other situations, it may be possible for convictions and fines to be reduced in severity.

Source: Newsworks.org, “State Rep. Parker found guilty of DUI, plans appeal,” Aaron Moselle, Jan. 16, 2013


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