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61 cited for underage drinking at Phillies game

For many sports enthusiasts who visit Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia to watch the Phillies play, having a beer or two is a part of the experience. Sometimes fans spend time in the parking lot prior to the game with their friends, or participate in “tailgating” before the game begins. Recently, plainclothes officers who were patrolling the parking lot before and during a Phillies game cited 61 people for underage drinking. In this instance, 59 individuals between 18 and 20 were cited and 2 individuals under the age of 18 were cited.

If convicted, the individuals facing these charges may suffer serious consequences. In addition to penalties imposed by the court, those convicted would have criminal records, which may cause them considerable harm. For example, college students who have federal educational loans may lose them, which may jeopardize their educational future. Employment opportunities may be lost or delayed as well, as the presence of a criminal record can have a negative effect on an individual’s professional future.

Young adults may not always make the best decisions. Parents do their best, but during the early adult years, parents must encourage their adult children to take responsibility for their choices and actions while assisting them when they make a misstep. The minors charged in this incident should not be demonized for their actions, but rather taught how to make better choices in the future.

Many parents do not know that it is possible to fight underage drinking charges. For parents of college students with federal school loans, doing just that may be the best choice to preserve their child’s future.

Source: 6abc.com “Underage drinking crackdown at Citizen’s Bank Park; 61 cited,” April 10, 2013


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