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Drunk student left in a wheelchair in a hospital lobby

College students find themselves in many unique situations during their years in institutions of higher learning. Recently, one student made headlines in relation to a very strange set of events. An allegedly intoxicated student was recently left in a wheelchair in the lobby of a hospital with a Post-It note stuck to his chest. While this story occurred in a location outside of Philadelphia, it is of particular relevance to Philadelphians, as there are so many college students in the city of brotherly love. Underage drinking can definitely lead college students to make regrettable decisions and the individuals involved in this situation may have done just that.

The student in this situation was left by friends in the hospital lobby, with a note that explained he had participated in a drinking competition earlier that day. The note had his name on it and stated that he needed help. A police sergeant stated that the student had a blood alcohol content that was nearly six times the legal limit at the time of his alcohol test at the hospital. The student may be facing underage drinking charges in relation with this incident.

College presents youngsters with new and exciting experiences and with the opportunity to make their own decisions. Unfortunately, some college students do not make the best choices. If the student in this instance is charged with underage drinking and is convicted, having a criminal offense on his record may have a negative effect not only on his educational future, but on his professional future as well.

Source: Philly.com, “Drunk ASU student left at hospital with Post-it,” May 14, 2013


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