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Man pleads not guilty to drunk driving charges

A driver in a nearby community who was allegedly involved in a DUI accident which eventually led to the death of a woman recently pleaded not guilty to charges of vehicular homicide, among others. The 26-year old man is accused of striking and killing a woman as she got into the back seat of a parked car. Authorities say the man was intoxicated and driving drunk at the time of the accident. The man also allegedly injured the 47-year-old victim’s sister and her daughter in the accident.

DUI charges like this can lead to serious penalties if they result in a conviction. Those convicted can face license suspension of one year as well as mandatory alcohol education and treatment and the possibility of an ignition interlock device after a second offense. In addition, fines are also possible. DUI charges related to the death of a person can be even more serious. With some DUI charges, prison can also be a possibility.

For any Philadelphia residents charged with DUI or facing intoxicated manslaughter-type charges, the most important thing will be a strong defense to the charges. There are several ways that a trained criminal defense legal professional can attack DUI charges, ranging from the accuracy of a field sobriety or breathalyzer test, and its administration, to the chain of custody of the evidence against the accused person. A criminal defense lawyer can also aid in negotiation and work towards a dismissed charge for the accused person if circumstances warrant it.

There are many options to fight a DUI charge which is important to protecting the future of the accused person. Preparing and executing a capable criminal defense is the first step towards protecting that future.

Source: NBC Philadelphia 10, “Alleged DUI Driver Pleads Not Guilty in Fatal Crash,” Aug. 14, 2013


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