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Two high school students allegedly found with LSD

There have been many campaigns to keep Philadelphia teenagers from taking drugs. Despite all of the efforts, teenagers will always be curious and continue to experiment with various drugs and alcohol. Many will never be caught with these drugs, but still others are caught and face various drug charges. Offenses like drug possession can have a big impact on the young person’s future beyond the immediate consequences they receive from the courts.

Two high school students were allegedly found with LSD tabs. The two students were seen with two other students leaving the high school grounds. Upon their return to the school, a security guard brought the four students to the security office because he suspected they were smoking tobacco. Allegedly, seven tabs of LSD were found on one student and one tab on another student. The police were called to the school to determine if any of the students was under the influence. According to police, none of them appeared to have ingested any of the drug. The students were eventually released to their parents.

As the two students are juveniles, they will proceed through the juvenile law system. The juvenile system is different than the adult system in that the goal of the juvenile system is to rehabilitate. However, despite the fact that the goal is rehabilitation, the consequences can still be severe.

They may also face long-term consequences beyond the juvenile system. If they are found guilty of the offense, it could affect their ability to find employment or be accepted into college. If a juvenile is facing drug charges, it is important that they mount a strong defense to ensure that the charges do not affect them in the long run.

Source: The Reporter, “North Penn High School students allegedly found with LSD tabs,” Towamencin Township Police Department, Dec. 10, 2013


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