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Man accused of drug possession with family in car

In Philadelphia, many people can be charged with with various drug offenses. They are charged for possessing various kinds of drugs and various amounts. Some are charged with simple possession and others are charged with drug dealing offenses. Simply being charged with a drug offense does not mean a person is guilty though. Every person who is charged with a crime has rights and is innocent until proven guilty under the law.

A man outside of Philadelphia was stopped while driving with his family. The police say they conducted the traffic stop because his truck seemed to be overweight. After pulling him over, allegedly they found that he did not have a valid license. Four prescription bottles were also allegedly found containing, what the police claim to be 408 pills of four different prescription drugs. The man was charged for the alleged drug possession as well as driving without a valid license.

Drug offenses are serious crimes and can have serious consequences. Some drug offenses carry mandatory minimum jail sentences, depending on the type and amount of drug the person possesses as well as other factors. While the consequences may be serious, there are defenses to these charges. The specific defenses vary from case to case, but in every case the police have to follow certain rules when they stop and search a person, their house or car. If the stop or search was illegal, the evidence of the drugs may not be admissible. Without the drugs, it makes it difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person possessed the drugs.

Many people in Philadelphia may find themselves charged with drug offenses. The types of offenses vary but all can carry serious consequences. Attorneys understand the possible defenses to drug offenses and may be able to help a person understand his or her rights.

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