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Alleged prostitute’s “muscle” accused of possessing stolen gun

There are many people in Philadelphia who own or possess guns. However, not everyone who possesses a gun has the right to do so. In order to lawfully possess a gun, a person must have a valid permit for the gun and it must be registered. While many have these permits, many do not. The people who have guns without permits can get them from a variety of sources and from a variety of locations. However, it does not matter where they get the guns; if they do not have a valid permit, they run the risk of facing gun charges.

A man in a town just north of Philadelphia was recently charged with illegal possession of a firearm. The police checked the serial number on the gun and found that it had been reported stolen in Florida. The man was allegedly serving as the “muscle” for an alleged prostitute. The police were looking through clothing in the alleged prostitute’s hotel room and supposedly found the gun. According to the police, the alleged prostitute said that she had a man who protected her, i.e., the “muscle.” The man was called to the hotel room and allegedly stated that the clothing belonged to him. He was charged with receiving stolen property and illegal possession of a firearm.

Gun charges are serious offenses and, in the case of a conviction, can carry significant penalties. Many gun charges are felonies and can result in lengthy jail sentences. Some gun and weapons charges also carry mandatory minimum jail sentences. There are defenses available, though, depending on the facts of each individual case. Defenses often start with determining whether the police lawfully searched an area or an individual and whether they lawfully seized the weapon.

Many people in Philadelphia are charged with gun and weapons charges each year. There may be defenses to these charges, depending on the facts, and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Attorneys know the defenses that may be available and may be a helpful resource after a person has been charged with a gun offense.

Source: The Express-Times, “Man working as protection for alleged prostitute had stolen gun, cops say” Sarah Cassi, Feb. 14, 2014


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