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Contest announced for students to discourage underage drinking

There can be a lot of social pressures on teenagers to do various things. Peer pressure leads many teenagers to do things they know they should not do, but they want to fit in so they partake in the activity. One of the common activities may be underage drinking. Many teenagers do not think it is that big of a deal because they see so many of their friends doing it. Also, many think that if they get caught the consequences are not that severe.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board does see underage drinking as a big issue though. In an effort to combat underage drinking, they recently announced a video contest for high school students throughout Pennsylvania to deliver a message about alternatives to underage drinking. The students are to put together a short video with an anti-underage drinking message. The videos will be judged and the winners’ videos will be put on Facebook and You Tube and will also receive monetary awards.

While many teenagers start drinking because they do not comprehend the legal and social repercussions of it, convictions for it can have serious consequences, especially if there is an accident. For instance in addition to any fines, a minor would also lose their driving privileges for 90 days for a first time offense and up to two years if they have three or more convictions. Also, the teenager will have to put the conviction on school and job applications. There are defenses to underage drinking though as well as diversion programs, which would allow the charge to be dismissed after the teenager completes certain requirements.

Many Philadelphia teenagers drink alcohol without contemplating the short and long-term consequences if they are caught. Convictions can have consequences beyond just the criminal ones. There are defenses though and ways to minimize the consequences. Attorneys know the defenses and options available and can help guide one through the process.

Source: The Times Leader, “Alcohol awareness video contest announced” Jan. 28, 2014


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