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Man sideswipes a police car and now faces DUI charges

Many people in Philadelphia have been convicted of a DUI or know someone who has been convicted of a DUI. DUIs are treated very seriously by the legislature and the penalties can be very serious even on a first time DUI. That is why many people learn their lesson after their first one and do not get charged or convicted of another one. However, some people are not deterred by a DUI and end up with more than one. Having multiple DUI offenses on a person’s record can have substantial consequences in multiple areas of the person’s life.

A driver, who is familiar with receiving DUIs, recently was charged with another one. He was driving his car when he allegedly sideswiped a parked police car around 1:35 a.m. The driver has three previous DUI convictions according to the authorities and was charged with another DUI as a result of this incident. The driver’s BAC level was not reported at the time of this report.

As stated above, the consequences for one DUI can be serious and the consequences increase after each subsequent DUI. The consequences vary depending on a person’s BAC level, but at a minimum a person may face five days in jail and a $300 fine. The driver could also lose their license for a year and be required to use the ignition interlock system for a year once their license is reinstated. The jail time and fine increase the greater the BAC level. So, in addition to facing jail time, a person with multiple DUI convictions will have a tougher time getting around since their license will be suspended.

However, there are defenses to DUIs, whether it’s a person’s first one or fourth one. The defense in each case varies depending on the specific facts of the case, but they all start with looking at the initial stop. If the stop is illegal then all the evidence gathered afterwards may be suppressed. Also, there are ways of mitigating the consequences of a DUI, even if a person has no specific defense in their particular case.

There are residents in Philadelphia who have multiple DUI offenses, and while the consequences become more severe, there are still possible defenses. It is best that a driver understand their options so they can determine their best defense strategy while also protecting their rights and interests.

Source: Myfoxphilly.com, “Man charged with 4th DUI after sideswiping police car” Feb. 24, 2014


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