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April 2014 Archives

Philadelphia man charged for alleged drug possession

A Philadelphia man was recently stopped by police outside of Philadelphia and now faces multiple drug charges including possession with the intent to deliver. The man was allegedly stopped because he was speeding and his windows were tinted too dark. After the stop, police asked the man some questions and searched his car. Officers allegedly found several packages of crack cocaine inside a can in the car.

Increased police presence at this year's Spring Fling at Penn

For many who attend the various colleges in Philadelphia, underage drinking is a regular occurrence. Students go to house parties or if they have fake identification, they may even try to drink at bars. Either way, underage drinking can be an ingrained part of a college student's social life. Most don't really think about the consequences of drinking, and if they do, they don't think there are very serious. However, underage drinking citations can have long-term consequences that college students should think about.

People pulled over for drunk driving now have an app to help

Many people in Philadelphia use their smart phones for everything. They email, shop, use various social media sites and many other things. Downloading the newest and latest apps is probably very important for these people. Well, now there is an app even for those who are pulled over for a DUI.

Pennsylvania man charged with weapons offense

Many people in Philadelphia own guns, some legally and some illegally. While the Second Amendment of the United States' Constitution protects a person's right to bear arms, the law states that in order to do so you must have a valid permit. If a person has a permit and no other disqualifiers, then it is perfectly legal for them to own and possess a gun. However, if people do not have a valid permit they may face gun charges, if they are caught with a gun.

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