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Philadelphia man charged for alleged drug possession

A Philadelphia man was recently stopped by police outside of Philadelphia and now faces multiple drug charges including possession with the intent to deliver. The man was allegedly stopped because he was speeding and his windows were tinted too dark. After the stop, police asked the man some questions and searched his car. Officers allegedly found several packages of crack cocaine inside a can in the car.

This man, or anybody else charged with possession with intent to deliver, may end up in prison if convicted of the charge. There are mandatory minimum prison sentences for this offense depending on a number of factors, including the type of drug, the amount in question, and if the person has prior convictions.

However, just because an individual is charged with a drug possession crime does not mean they are guilty. Every person facing criminal allegations is innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, it is imperative that those facing criminal charges fight to protect their freedom.

There are a number of defenses available given the circumstances of a particular case. Many times, for example, a defense begins and ends with the stop conducted by police. If the stop was illegal, then any evidence found after the stop may be suppressed and a conviction therefore becomes unlikely. Also, if search warrants are not properly obtained or are carried out in a way that violates the law, then any subsequently acquired evidence may be suppressed at trial, increasing a criminal defendant’s chances of success.

Many individuals in Philadelphia are charged with drug offenses, whether relating to simple possession or drug dealing. The consequences, if convicted, are serious, but there are defenses available. Understanding the possible defenses is important in order to properly protect an individual’s constitutional rights, freedom and future.

Source: Citizens Voice, “State police find crack cocaine after Bear Creek traffic stop” Bob Kalinowski, April 16, 2014


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