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Man faces drug charges after police bust alleged drug ring

Despite efforts to keep people off of drugs, there are many people in Philadelphia who use drugs. The reasons for and the amount of use vary from person to person. No matter the reason though, for most, someone needs to supply the drugs. As it is an illegal enterprise, drug dealing can be profitable and dangerous, at the same time. A lot of money can be made, but the dealers have to deal with rival drug dealers and police who are constantly trying to bust them and put them in jail.

The police recently busted an alleged drug dealing ring. The bust came after two juveniles allegedly stole Heroin from the home of the alleged drug dealer. The two juveniles told police that the man had given death threats to them, if they did not return the drugs. The police searched the man’s apartment and the homes of alleged accomplices.

The police say they found Heroin, Cocaine and Methamphetamine, along with money, cell phones and guns. The alleged leader of the drug ring was arrested in a hotel room, where the police allegedly found more drugs. The leader now faces 17 counts of drug possession, drug manufacturing with intent to distribute and other crimes.

If convicted, this man faces serious consequences, including a mandatory minimum jail sentence. Whether a person convicted of a drug offense will have a mandatory jail sentence depends on many factors, including the type of drug, the amount, the type of packaging and the amount of cash on them, among others.

While the consequences after a conviction can be very serious, there are potential defenses to drug charges. Each case is unique, but many defenses start with whether the search and seizure of the drugs was lawful. If it was not lawful, then the evidence of the drugs may be suppressed making a conviction less likely.

There are many people in Philadelphia who are charged with drug offenses each year. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty though and there may be defenses to the alleged crime. Understanding one’s legal rights and legal defenses can be very important to ensure a person’s rights are being protected.

Source: The Mercury News, “Drug ring out of Pottstown’s Bright Hope knocked out,” Frank Otto, May 21, 2014


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