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Philadelphia neighborhood outraged over drunk teens’ behavior

After the long winter that Philadelphia endured, many residents are overjoyed to have spring here. Residents can finally get out of their homes and enjoy the weather. It also means that many young people are out of school for the summer. Many college students move back home, but they also want to enjoy the lifestyle they were used to during the school year. This means many of them will figure out as many ways as possible to get together with friends and drink.

One of these events that many teenagers flocked to was a summer block party in Philadelphia’s North Liberties. According to neighbors, there was a lot of underage drinking and there were drunk teenagers all over the neighborhood. Due to a lack of security and porta-potties, many of these drunk teens were urinating on the street or on people’s homes. Some were even having sex on people’s property despite being told to leave multiple times. Needless to say the neighbors were outraged by this behavior.

Underage drinking is something that many young people do without fearing the consequences, as demonstrated above. However, the consequences are much more serious than they may think. If the person is convicted of underage drinking it is a criminal offense and will stay on the person’s record. This can negatively affect their professional future as employers generally do background checks prior to employing a person.

The good news is that there are defenses available to people charged with underage drinking. Diversion programs may also be available. These programs give a person charged with underage drinking the opportunity to keep it off their record, if they complete certain requirements.

Many young people in Philadelphia are charged with underage drinking each year. Many do not think about the long-term consequences that arise from a conviction, but a conviction can have negative consequences beyond the immediate criminal penalties. There are defenses and ways to keep the charge off a person’s record. Understanding the legal defenses and knowing how to keep it off a person’s record can be very valuable for a teenager’s future.

Source: NBC 10.com, “Residents say drunk teens had public sex, urinated on homes during wild block party,” NBC10.com staff, May 12, 2014


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