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Philadelphia police officer faces DUI charges after accident

There are many people in Philadelphia who consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel. Not everyone who drinks alcohol and drives is legally under the influence, but many of them are and may face DUI charges. This goes for any driver regardless of what they do for a profession, even police officers. Many may think that police officers are above the law, but if they drink and drive, they may be convicted of a DUI just like anyone else.

Recently, a Philadelphia police officer was charged with DUI. Philadelphia Police say that an off-duty officer was involved in a hit-and-run accident, allegedly hitting multiple parked cars and then leaving the scene. A witness allegedly saw her hit the cars and told police. A short time later she was found and charged with DUI. There were no injuries involved in the incident.

Drunk driving can be very dangerous, and as a result, there are serious consequences for those who are convicted. Depending on the BAC level, whether there was an accident and some other factors, there may even be a mandatory jail sentence. However, even without time in jail, a person could lose their license for a period of time, have to pay fines or be required to install an ignition interlock device in their car.

However, just being charged with a DUI does not mean that a person is guilty. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and there are defenses to DUI charges depending on the facts of a case.

Many people in Philadelphia drink and drive and risk DUI charges. If a person is convicted of a DUI they face serious consequences, but there may be defenses available. Those facing DUI charges may want to know the legal defenses available to them so they have a chance to avoid serious consequences.

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