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Philadelphia student charged for allegedly bringing gun to school

Many people in Philadelphia exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms by owning guns. People own guns for a variety of reasons such as hunting or in order to protect their home. However, despite having the right to bear arms, people still must register the gun and have a permit in order to legally possess them. There are also restrictions on where people are able to have the guns and if a person brings a gun to the wrong place, they could face gun charges.

One place people are not allowed to bring a gun is a school. Recently, a student at Community College of Philadelphia allegedly brought a gun to the school and displayed it during a confrontation with another student. Many of the students and faculty were very frightened, but no shots were fired and no one was injured. The student also had a valid permit for the gun he allegedly brought to the school. He was charged with bringing a weapon to a school and other charges.

A person who is convicted of a gun charge faces serious consequences including a potential jail sentence depending on the circumstances. Most gun offenses are also felonies, which can cause problems for those looking for jobs or a place to live. A conviction may also result in losing a person’s right to ever possess a gun again. However, there may be defenses to the charges depending on the facts and most defenses start with whether the police had a legal reason to search your person, car or home.

Many people own guns in Philadelphia, both legally and illegally. Those convicted for illegally possessing a gun may face serious consequences, but all are innocent until proven guilty and defenses may be available. It is important to understand the legal defenses in order to protect one’s rights and potentially avoid a conviction.

Source: CBS Philly, “Charges filed against suspect in Community College of Philadelphia gun scare” May 29, 2014


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