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Wife shot by gun hidden in her bra faces gun charges

There are many people in Philadelphia who own guns. While the Second Amendment protects people’s right to own guns, there are restrictions on who can own guns. Also, in order to carry a gun people must have a valid permit for the gun. Many people follow these rules and own guns legally, but there are many others who do not. If these people are caught with the gun, they may be facing gun charges.

One woman in Pennsylvania faces gun charges for possessing an unlicensed gun after being shot with her own gun. The woman and her husband allegedly got into an argument on the street. The husband allegedly reached for the woman’s cell phone, which she kept in her bra. The woman happened to keep a gun in her bra as well and the husband accidently hit it when he reached for the cell phone. The gun went off and shot her in the arm. She went to a nearby hospital for treatment.

If convicted on gun charges, a person could face life-long consequences. The person could also be facing immediate consequences such as mandatory jail sentences. Most gun charges are felonies and, if convicted, they could no longer be allowed to possess a gun for the rest of their lives on top of jail sentences and other punishments.

However, simply being charged with a gun offense does not mean a person will be convicted of the offense. There are potential defenses available to gun charges. Many defenses start with whether the police had a legal reason to stop and search the person. If they did not, then the evidence of the gun may be suppressed and a conviction becomes very unlikely.

Many people in Philadelphia are charged with gun offenses each year. The type of charges varies, but the consequences of a conviction are serious. Understanding the legal defenses could be important in helping a person avoid those consequences.

Source: NBC 10.com, “Arguing wife shot with gun in bra to face charges along with husband,” August 7, 2014

Source: NBC 10.com, “Arguing wife shot with gun in bra to face charges along with husband,” August 7, 2014


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