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Police chase teen through SEPTA station in Philadelphia

There are many juveniles who are accused of crimes each year in Philadelphia. These offenses can range from curfew violations and drug possession all the way to assaults and even murder. Many times these juveniles get in trouble with the law without thinking about the circumstances. However, the long-term consequences can be severe and often have a drastic effect on a young person’s life.

Recently a teenager was charged with multiple crimes after an incident at a SEPTA station in Philadelphia and may be facing these serious consequences. The teen’s transportation pass was not working and he went to a cashier to figure out what was wrong. He soon became upset and began yelling at the cashier. Two police officers intervened and allegedly, the teen cursed at them as well and began to attack them.

The youth was able to get away from the officers and allegedly led them on a chase through the station. He purportedly jumped on and off trains and was eventually caught after jumping over a hand railing. The teen was charged with multiple crimes including assault on a police officer.

This teen, like any other juvenile who is charged with a crime, will now have to go through the juvenile justice system. The juvenile law system is a little different than the adult system. One major difference is that punishments given to juveniles are designed to rehabilitate them. Judges base their punishments on what is best for the juvenile to attempt to ensure they will not continue to commit crimes as an adult. While the focus of the punishment is somewhat different, the same defenses available to adults are available to juveniles as well. They are also innocent until proven guilty, just like adults.

Many teens are charged with a variety of crimes each year in Philadelphia. The penalties, if they are convicted, can be serious and have long-term effects. However, there are defenses to these crimes. Attorneys understand these potential defenses and can help protect a juvenile’s rights in a difficult legal situation.

Source: NBC 10.com, “Caught on Cam: Teen attacks officers, jumps turnstile, jumps onto moving train,” David Chang, Sept. 10, 2014


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