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What to expect when facing drug charges

It is no secret that some people in Philadelphia use illegal drugs. Some just use the drugs recreationally as a release or a way to relax and others have severe addictions, which can have a major impact on their lives. Some may also be engaged in drug dealing as a way to improve their financial circumstances. The amount a person sells varies just like the amount of use varies from person to person. While many users and dealers may never get caught, many others are arrested by the police every year.

At the time of an arrest there are a variety of drug charges a person may face. Often times this is determined by a number of circumstantial factors. When a person is arrested the police will try to determine whether the person is dealing the drug or possessing it just for personal use. The police look at the type of drug that the person possesses, how the drug is packaged, the weight of the drug, how much cash a person has on them and what kind of denominations that cash is in and whether the person has drug paraphernalia.

If officials believe that the person has an intent to sell the drug, the suspect is facing some serious consequences, including mandatory jail sentences in some cases, fines and probation. However, there is no mandatory jail sentence if the person possesses the drug simply for their own personal use. However, just because a person is charged with a drug possession charge does not mean they are guilty. There are defenses to these crimes.

Our experienced attorneys have handled many drug cases and are familiar with various types of defenses. We can see if the police legally stopped and searched a person and whether the officer’s side of the story is indeed valid. We will defend a person through trial if the charges are not dismissed earlier. For more information on how to enact a successful defense against drug charges please visit our Philadelphia Drug Charges Defense Lawyers page.

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