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Philadelphia man charged with drug dealing

Drugs can be found in many places in Philadelphia. There are a large number of people who use illegal drugs and therefore there are a large number of people involved in drug dealing. Drug dealers can make some money selling drugs, but there are inherent risks in doing it, as it is illegal. If one is caught selling drugs the consequences can be very serious. Despite this, the rewards outweigh the risks for many people.

One Philadelphia man was recently charged with three counts of drug dealing for allegedly selling heroin to undercover police officers on three separate occasions, according to the police. They arrested him at the courthouse while he was there on an unrelated drug charge. The police allege that he sold a total of 23 bags of heroin to the undercover officer on three separate occasions. According to the police, the man is a major drug dealer in the area.

If convicted of these charges, the man may be facing serious consequences including jail time. In general the length of the jail sentence or severity of the penalty is determined by the type and amount of the drug the person is selling. Even if a person is simply found with drugs in their possession, they may still be charged with possessing with the intent to deliver. This is usually determined by the amount of the drug the person possesses, the type of packaging it is in, and if the person has a significant amount of cash.

People who have been charged with these offenses are still innocent until proven guilty though. There may be defenses available to them based on the circumstances. Most of these defenses start with the initial stop. If the police did not have a legal basis to stop an individual, any evidence found afterward may be thrown out. This makes convictions difficult to obtain.

Many people in Philadelphia are charged with drug offenses each year. If convicted, they may face serious consequences. Experienced attorneys understand the potential defenses to these crimes and may be able to help protect one’s rights.

Source: Delaware County Times, “Upper Darby Police: Philly man sold heroin to undercover office” Linda Reilly, Dec. 15, 2014


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