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Defending against gun charges

Many people in Philadelphia own or possess guns. While the Constitution protects one’s right to bear arms, there are many rules in place as to who can actually possess one and where they are allowed to have it. Giving the deadly nature of firearms, there are also severe penalties in place for those who violate the law regarding guns.

There are laws that prohibit certain people from possessing firearms for the rest of their lives, there are laws that require people to have permits to carry guns, laws prohibiting their use during the commission of another crime, laws about not possessing firearms in public spaces in the city, altering the serial numbers on guns and prohibiting minors from possessing them. There are also laws about the type of weapon people can possess.

If a person is charged with any of the offenses above, they may be facing serious consequences including mandatory jail time. This is the case even for people with fairly clean records. Simply being charged with these crimes does not mean a person is guilty though. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and there may be defenses available to people who have been charged.

The defenses are specific to facts of each case, but in general police officers have to follow certain rules when stopping and/or searching a person. If the police found the gun during an illegal search, the gun may not be able to be used as evidence in court. If there is no evidence of a gun, it becomes very difficult to convict a person of possessing one.

Many people in Philadelphia are charged with gun charges each year. The consequences of a conviction can be very severe and can affect a person for the rest of their life. At our firm we have experienced defense attorneys who understand the serious nature of gun charges. We will work hard to provide one with the best defense possible. For further information on how our firm can assist you, please visit our Philadelphia Gun Charges Defense Lawyers page on our website.


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