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Number of drunk driving arrests in Philadelphia in 2014


There have been many efforts to curb drunk driving in Philadelphia. There are commercials on television, advertisements in magazines and newspapers, classes and other efforts. Also, the penalties for driving under the influence can be very severe and cause many difficulties for people with DUI convictions. Despite all of these efforts and people’s knowledge of the dangers of drunk driving, there were still many DUI arrests in the Philadelphia metro area in 2014.


In January there were 1,029, in February there were 1,002, in March there were 1,237, in April there were 1,083, in May there were 1,191, in June there were 1,082, in July there were 1,141, in August there were 1,189, in September there were 1,102, in October there were 1,028, in November there were 732 and in December there were 494. This list continues to be updated until the annual report is complete.

If a person is convicted of a DUI, the penalties could include fines, loss of the person’s license, having an ignition interlock device placed on their vehicle and possibly jail time. These consequences can have a significant impact on a person’s life.

Simply being charged with a DUI does not mean one is guilty though. The person still has to go through the criminal justice system to determine guilt or innocence and to determine the penalty if they are in fact guilty. There may also be defenses available to people who have been charged with a DUI. The defenses depend on the facts of the case, but they generally start with whether the person was pulled over by the police in the first place.

As demonstrated above, there are many DUI arrests each year in Philadelphia. However, after a person is charged, their guilt must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. This post is only general information and not to be considered legal advice. There are attorneys who understand DUIs and may be able to help protect one’s rights.

Source: Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System, “Summary Arrest Reports” accessed Jan. 12, 2015


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