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3 people charged with drug offenses in Philadelphia

There are many different illegal drugs in Philadelphia. Many people use these drugs recreationally and some have addictions to them. In order to use the drugs people must be able to get them. This means that there are many people in Philadelphia who distribute these drugs. When the distributers are caught they will face drug charges which may include serious consequences, including significant fines and mandatory jail time.

Three people in Philadelphia were recently charged with drug offenses and other charges associated with an alleged heroin distribution ring. According to the prosecutor, the police had been investigating people believed to be selling heroin. The police went to a home where they believed the people were keeping heroin and cash. The police entered the home and allegedly found 22 pounds of heroin inside.

The three people who were arrested, like anyone who is charged with a drug offense, will now go through the criminal justice system. They remain innocent until it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they committed the alleged crimes. If they are convicted they will face potential jail time and significant fines; but, there may be criminal defenses available.

Often times these potential defenses start with whether the police searched for and seized the drugs properly. The police must follow certain rules when they conduct searches and seize evidence. If they do not follow these rules, then the evidence may be suppressed, making a conviction more unlikely.

Many people in Philadelphia are charged with drug offenses each year. These people face severe penalties, but have the right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. There may be defenses available to them, but the defenses depend on the facts of each individual case.

Source: The Delaware County Times, “22 pounds of heroin seized in huge Philly drug raid,” June 10, 2015


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