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Philadelphia man charged with multiple gun offenses

As the presidential election heats up, people in Philadelphia will hear arguments on both sides regarding the gun laws in the United States. However, no matter what happens throughout the election process, currently, gun laws remain in place. These laws restrict who is allowed to possess firearms and what those people need to do in order to possess and carry them. Due to the dangerous nature of guns, the penalties for illegally possessing one can be severe.

A Philadelphia man may be facing these serious consequences after he was recently arrested for illegally possessing a firearm. According to police, the man was driving his car without the headlights on. The police said they attempted to make contact with the car and the driver ran away. The man allegedly threw an object while he was running, which according to police, was a handgun that was stolen from Philadelphia. The man was arrested and charged with multiple gun charges.

Gun charges can have severe consequences, but these consequences only occur if the person is convicted. Simply being charged with a gun offense does not mean the person is guilty. Once charged, the person must go through the criminal justice process where the prosecution must prove that the person committed the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

There are also defenses available for people who have been charged with gun offenses. These defenses often begin with the initial stop and search of the person. If the police did not conduct a proper search of the person, the evidence found may be suppressed and a conviction becomes unlikely.

Many people are charged with gun offenses each year in Philadelphia. These people remain innocent until proven guilty and there may be defenses available to them depending on the facts of the case. Experienced attorneys understand these defenses and may be able to protect one’s rights.

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