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Variety of factors contribute to underage drinking

There are many colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area. Soon there will be thousands of students heading back to them to begin classes for the fall. As most are aware, there are many activities that college students partake in besides their studies. One common activity is drinking alcohol and going to parties and bars. This means that many local students engage in underage drinking each year.

Based on various studies, there are many reasons that underage individuals drink alcohol despite the legal consequences. One reason is that the brain continues to develop into a person’s twenties. This means that many young people will take risks without understanding the consequences. Another reason is that young people have a higher tolerance to alcohol and its effects, such as hangovers. This means that drinking is more enjoyable since they do not deal as much with the physical and mental pains as the alcohol wears off.

There are also social and hereditary aspects of underage drinking. Studies have shown that children who have alcoholic parents or family members are more likely to drink and drink heavily. Another big factor is the environment the young person is in. If a parent drinks and it is seen favorably or if friends drink, a young person is more likely to drink.

However, it does not matter why an underage person decides to drink. If they are caught they may need to deal with the harsh consequences of their decision. This can include fines and loss of a driver’s license. An incident can also impact one’s professional future as one tries to get into a school or get a job and has to disclose that they have this crime on their record.

Underage people drink in Philadelphia for a variety of reasons. If they are caught, the consequences can be severe, but there may be defenses available to those accused of criminal offenses. The defenses depend on the circumstances of each case, though. Experienced attorneys understand the consequences of underage drinking and may be able to protect one’s future.

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