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Avoiding the strict penalties of an underage drinking charge

There are many students at the universities and colleges in and around Philadelphia. College is an important time in a young person’s life as they venture out onto their own and start to create a future. Many times this means that they take advantage of not being under their parent’s roof and tend to make decisions accordingly. One activity that is popular for young people in college is underage drinking.

Those charged with underage drinking can consult with the experienced professionals at Baritz Law Associates LLC While underage drinking is illegal, many young people still drink alcohol. Most do not think it is that big of a deal and may even have friends who have been charged with underage drinking. Also, many parents, who may have drank in college themselves, may just think that it is part of the experience and does not have a great effect on their child’s life.

However, nowadays these criminal offenses can have both short term and long-term consequences. In the short term the young person may have to pay fines and will also lose their license for a period of time. Even for a first time offense the person may lose their license for 90 days. Underage drinking charges are criminal charges and a conviction will result in a criminal record. This record must be disclosed on job applications and future school applications, which could negatively impact one’s professional future.

There are defenses available for young people who are charged with underage drinking though. These defenses could help ensure that there is not a conviction. The person charged may also qualify for a diversion program. Diversion allows a person to avoid convictions without a trial by completing certain requirements within a certain period of time.

While an underage drinking charge may not seem very serious at the time, there are both short-term and long-term consequences that can result from a conviction. There are ways to avoid a conviction, however. For more information on how we handle these charges visit our underage drinking page on our website.


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