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Penalties for ignition interlock violations in Philadelphia

Many people in Philadelphia drink and drive. As a result many people receive DUIs each year. There are a number of penalties associated with a DUI conviction. These include fines, classes, potentially jail time and other consequences. One of these other consequences is a license suspension. The length of the suspension depends on a couple factors such the driver’s BAC at the time and whether they had any prior DUIs.

Drivers may also need to use the ignition interlock system in order to drive their vehicle while their license is suspended. The ignition interlock requires the driver to blow into a machine to test the BAC prior to driving. If it is too high, the car will not start. Also, while the license is suspended, the person must only drive the vehicle equipped with the ignition interlock.

If the person is caught driving without it, they can face an additional crime and new penalties. If the person is caught driving a vehicle without the ignition interlock then they may face a fine of at least $300 and potentially up to 90 days in jail. However, if they also have a BAC above .025% then the fine is $1000 and they will spend 90 days in jail.

The person can also be charged with a misdemeanor for tampering with the device. This includes physically attempting to alter it or having someone else blow into the machine for them. For both driving a vehicle without the device or tampering with the device, the person would also lose their license for an additional year and have ignition interlock for an additional year.

Many people in Philadelphia have the ignition interlock system in their vehicle. If they are caught without it or if they tamper with it they may face additional penalties. There may be defenses available to these violations though. Experienced attorneys understand these defenses and may be able to protect one’s rights.

Source: The General Assembly of Pennsylvania, “Chapter 38 § 3808,” accessed on Oct. 19, 2015


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