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Man arrested on Penn campus with knife and machete

There are many tools that people in Philadelphia use that can be used for multiple purposes. When used correctly the tools can be very helpful for the task at hand. However, the tools can also be used as a weapon as well. Things like crowbars, screw drivers, baseball bats, knives and other tools can be used for noth. If used correctly, they are legal instruments, but if they are used outside the intended use, the person could be charged with weapons possession.

This recently happened to a man in Philadelphia on the campus of Penn University. A man was seen walking on campus and allegedly had what looked to be a knife in his hand. He was seen walking into a library on campus. Police were called and alerts were sent to clear people out of the library. Police entered the library and eventually found the man. The police allegedly found a machete and box cutter on the man. According to police he also had a stolen ID card.

Using a box cutter to open boxes is perfectly fine and using a machete in the right setting can be useful. However, carrying them around Philadelphia can lead to criminal charges. If convicted of these crimes, this man or anyone else can face very serious consequences.

Simply being charged with a crime does not mean that a person is guilty though. There may be defenses available to these people. How the police find the weapons is important, if the weapons were found illegally, the prosecution may not be allowed to use the evidence of a weapon.

Many people are charged with weapon possession or gun possession charges each year in Philadelphia. A conviction for one of these crimes can lead to serious penalties. However, after being charged, a conviction is not automatic. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Experienced attorneys understand the serious nature of these crimes and may be able to protect one’s rights.

Source: The Daily Pennsylvanian, “Updated: Man with machete arrested at Van Pelt Library” Jenny Brensilber and Lowell Neumann Nickey, Feb.23, 2016


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