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Protecting one’s rights after a juvenile offense

Teenagers in Philadelphia have to make many decisions as they grow up. There are also many different influences on teenagers as they make these decisions. Some influences are better than others, but even those with the best influences around them may make poor choices sometimes. The consequences of the poor choices teenagers make will vary, but some will end up with juvenile charges against them.

Juvenile crimes are both similar and different than adult crimes. Some of the crimes juveniles commit are similar to those that adults commit, such as theft, assault and others. However, how the charges are dealt with in juvenile law system is different for teenagers than it is for adults in the criminal law system.

The consequences of a juvenile crime do not necessarily end when the teenager turns 18. Some of the consequences will stick with an individual for the rest of his or her life. Some juvenile adjudications will have to be disclosed on job and school applications. If the teenager has trouble getting into a certain school or has trouble finding a job it can affect many other aspects of their lives as they grow older.

While juvenile crimes are dealt with differently than adult crimes, there are still defenses available to the juvenile just like they are available to adults. The admissibility of evidence can be challenged and the juvenile can have a trial to prove his or her innocence. Avoiding convictions can help eliminate some of the negative long-term consequences of juvenile crimes.

Teenagers who find themselves on the wrong side of the law may want to seek help. The professionals at the law firm of Baritz Law Associates LLC, are experienced in defending juveniles facing criminal charges. They will fight for their clients in court, in pursuit of a reduced sentence or a dismissal of charges. The following webpage may be of interest to juveniles facing criminal charges in Philadelphia.


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