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Woman arrested with 11 pounds of cocaine at Philadelphia airport

Much of the illegal drugs that are sold and used in Philadelphia originate in a different location, oftentimes outside of the United States. That means that it needs to be brought into Philadelphia somehow and there are many people who are willing to do it. However, the penalties for possessing drugs with the intent to distribute are severe and oftentimes lead to prison sentences.

One woman was recently caught allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine from Jamaica into Philadelphia. According to the reports, the woman tried bringing in almost 11 pounds of cocaine in containers used for a chocolate drink. Customs stated that they found a white powdery substance in two of the cans, which tested positive for cocaine. The cocaine has an estimated value of $300,000. Police in Pennsylvania arrested the woman for drug dealing and conspiracy charges.

If the woman is convicted of these charges the penalties could be severe, but at this time the woman is still innocent despite the serious charges against her. There may be defenses available to the woman. These defenses may start with whether police lawfully searched her belongings. If the police conduct illegal stops or searches in order to find evidence, the evidence may be suppressed and convictions become unlikely.

Many people are stopped every year in Philadelphia on suspicion of drug possession or possession with the intent to deliver. If these people are convicted of these crimes they may face serious consequences, including jail time. However, not everyone who is charged with a crime is guilty of the crime. There are defenses to crimes and everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Source: NBC10.com, “Woman tries to smuggle $300,000 worth of cocaine packed into chocolate drink cans into Philly airport: Customs” Dan Stamm, June 10, 2016


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