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Protecting one’s rights after drug possession charges

There are many types of drugs in Philadelphia. Some are prescribed by doctors and are legal when taken as prescribed. However, many others are either never prescribed or only legal when they are prescribed. If a person is caught in possession of illegal drugs, they could be charged with a crime. The crime they are ultimately charged with depends on the type of drug, the quantity they allegedly possess, and a number of other factors.

The allegations are typically more serious when an individual is accused of drug dealing as opposed to simple drug possession. Drug dealing charges usually result when people are allegedly manufacturing a drug, selling a drug, or possessing a quantity of a drug that is so large that it is implied that they have the intent to deliver it to others.

When making a decision about whether an individual should be charged with possession with the intent to deliver, a prosecutor will analyze a number of factors. These include, but are not limited to, the amount and type of the drug, how it is packaged, whether an individual was found to possess a large amount of cash, and others considerations.

If a person is convicted of one of these drug dealing charges, then they could have mandatory minimum jail sentences imposed on them, in addition to other harsh penalties. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, though, and there may be defenses available to those who have been accused of criminal wrongdoing. One of the strongest defenses asks whether the police had a valid reason to stop a person and/or search them or their property. If there was no probable cause, then evidence that would otherwise be damaging may be suppressed.

Many people are charged with drug crimes each year. Our firm has handled a plethora of drug cases, and we understand the seriousness of the penalties. This is why we give our undivided attention to our clients’ cases, striving to give them the best criminal defense available. Our skilled advocates fight against aggressive prosecutors, seeking to minimize or eliminate charges and penalties. After all, our clients’ futures are on the line, and we’ll do everything within our power to protect them.


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