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Pennsylvania man accused of running heroin trafficking scheme

A Pennsylvania man, along with a number of other individuals, are facing drug charges in relation to an alleged heroin trafficking scheme, which reportedly brought a significant amount of the drug into the state and caused the death of one individual.

During a traffic stop, police discovered nearly 1,000 bags of the drug in the vehicle. Both the driver and the passenger of the vehicle were allegedly members of the heroin trafficking scheme. The man, who was deemed to be the leader of the trafficking organization, is facing numerous charges, including operating a corrupt organization, conspiracy, drug delivery cumulating in a fatality, dealing in proceeds of an illegal activity, possessing heroin with intent to deliver and illegal use of a communication facility. Five other individuals are also facing criminal charges in relation to the reported heroin trafficking scheme.

According to police, the Pennsylvania man and his girlfriend would go to Philadelphia each week to buy heroin. Then they kept the heroin in a safe in their house, located in Fayetteville. The couple would “front” the heroin to two other individuals, who would then make distributions to others. These two individuals would then be paid, either in cash or in heroin. The money earned from the sale of the heroin would then go back to the Pennsylvania man and his girlfriend, and would be used to buy more heroin.

After the Pennsylvania man and one other individual allegedly involved in the scheme were arrested in November, the Pennsylvania man reportedly kept on directing the operation of the scheme, making phone calls from jail. He directed his girlfriend to keep going to Philadelphia to purchase heroin, and requested that she move the safes from their house to another couple’s home. Another individual then reportedly became the primary dealer in the scheme. The Pennsylvania man’s girlfriend would collect money made from the sale of the drug, and would give the couple more heroin to sell. The couple would then be compensated with cash or heroin.

These charges are undoubtedly serious, and given the alleged scope of this operation and the number of individuals involved, it is safe to say that these individuals are facing severe penalties. A conviction for drug trafficking could mean years in prison, substantial fines or both. Therefore, it is important that anyone who is facing drug charges takes the necessary steps to defend his or her legal rights.

Source: Public Opinion, “Six charged in connection to heroin trafficking operation,” March 2, 2017


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