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District judge accused of drunk driving in Reading

When a person is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, they may face more than just fines and the suspension of their driver’s license. They could also face public scrutiny that could affect their reputation and livelihood.

A 29-year-old Pennsylvania district judge may be facing such scrutiny after being charged with drunk driving. The woman’s father is the mayor of the city in which the alleged incident took place, Reading, Pennsylvania. The mayor retired from his position as a district judge in 2015, and the woman succeeded him in that position after he ran for mayor.

The judge was stopped by police after leaving a bar at around quarter after two in the morning. The police were alerted to the situation after receiving a 911 call from people who claim the judge’s vehicle was weaving as she drove. According to police, the judge’s blood alcohol content level was two times the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

These charges are significant not just because a conviction could result in serious penalties, but also because they could jeopardize this judge’s reputation and career. While fines can be paid, damage to one’s reputation is not so easy to repair. Everyone in our nation is innocent until proven guilty, however, and everyone has the right to demand the prosecution prove its case in court. Therefore, if a person is charged with drunk driving, they may need to seek legal help to determine how to move forward with their DUI defense.

Source: NBC 10 Philadelphia, “Drunk Driving Charge for Pennsylvania District Judge, Mayor’s Daughter,” April 13, 2017


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