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Springfield Twp. police say they won’t tolerate juvenile crimes

When groups of teens get together, sometimes peer pressure can get the best of them. Moreover, a young person’s mind is still developing, and they may be unable to understand the long-term consequences of their actions. This may cause a teen to inadvertently commit an illegal act, even if they never meant to do anything harmful to another. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean police in Pennsylvania will be lenient with them.

Police in Springfield Township are doubling down on their efforts to fully prosecute teens who break the law. As the police chief put it in a Facebook message, illegal behavior on the part of minors will not be tolerated.

This message was issued due to accusations that gangs of teenagers have been meeting up at various places throughout the town or roaming the streets while committing crimes. Some crimes police are accusing these young people of committing include underage drinking, vandalizing property, harassing and assaulting others, using illegal drugs and robbery, among others. Police also accuse teens of playing “chicken” with automobiles while on their bikes, blocking streets and swearing at drivers.

Whether or not any teens will be charged with these crimes remains to be seen. It is important, however, to keep in mind that being charged with a crime can have a long-term effect on a young person’s future. Their educational and employment prospects may be limited if convicted, and they could even have to spend time in a juvenile detention facility. Therefore, teens accused of breaking the law may want to take the steps necessary to defend themselves, including seeking the help of a criminal defense attorney.

Source: Springfield Patch, “Springfield Cops: Local Teens Better Shape Up Or Face Consequences,” Max Bennett, April 19, 2017


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