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Teenager accused of breaking synagogue window

Most children don’t have the maturity to anticipate how seemingly innocent acts could actually constitute illegal activities. For example, understanding the difference between curiosity and criminal acts can be a blurred line for many Philadelphia teenagers. Take into account the following incident.

A 13-year-old boy is facing charges of institutional vandalism after allegedly throwing a stone through a Philadelphia synagogue’s stained glass window. The incident allegedly occurred sometime between 9:30 in the evening and 9:30 the following morning. The window at issue was on the side of the synagogue, and was made of yellow glass. Found inside the synagogue was a stone about the size of a baseball. There were no injuries reported. The boy was reportedly accompanied by a friend when the incident occurred. This synagogue was reportedly the subject of vandalism in the past, having windows broken in December 2016 and January 2017.

Of course, in situations like this the teenagers may not have realized the seriousness of their actions, and the penalties involved. However, the long-term consequences are serious. Fortunately, as is the case in this situation, the young person involved will face juvenile court, rather than adult court. Still, it would be better if a person as young as 13 years old should not have his future tarnished by juvenile charges.

When a teenager is charged with a crime, it is important that they counter such charges in the most appropriate way possible. For some this means seeking the advice of an attorney. A criminal defense attorney can provide understanding about the charges the teenager faces, and can help protect the young person’s future. With the right help, teenagers can move on from such situations with their futures intact.

Source: U.S. News & World Report, “Boy, 13, Charged With Throwing Rock Through Synagogue Window,” March 30, 2017


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