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How a DUI affects your business

When you’re running a business, one thing that you don’t want to have on your record is a DUI. A DUI is bad for business for a number of reasons. First, if you cause an accident, your name may appear in the paper or online. When that happens, your DUI could be linked to your company, which may cost you customers.

Another reason that having a DUI is bad for business is that it makes it harder for you to drive or get insurance to drive. If you lose your license, for example, you may not be able to make it to corporate meetings or to work on time, damaging the reputation of your business.

Still worse is the potential for your DUI to make it impossible or costly to get insurance. On top of the expenses of running your business, you’ll be paying more out of pocket for insurance to drive. That cost has to be passed on somewhere, and you’re likely to have to raise prices for consumers to boost your own personal income to compensate for the higher rate travel now costs.

Does a DUI affect my professional license?

It’s possible that your DUI could affect your right to perform in your career. For instance, if you get a DUI and are running a private health clinic, the medical board may suspend your medical license, at least temporarily, for your mistakes. Many kinds of professional licenses can be affected, so it’s important to know if yours will be before you go to court for a trial.

Sentencing obligations also affect your business and, potentially, your professional license. It’s up to you to get to work on time, but when you’re sentenced to time in prison or have to do community service, that’s time you can’t spend on the job. As a result, patients, customers or others may be left without your professional guidance when it’s needed most. If you can’t keep up with demand or make mistakes because you’re rushed when you are at work, you could end up costing yourself your license or losing an important customer base.

DUIs have a potential to affect your reputation along with your license, business hours, insurance premiums and many other things. If you are facing a DUI, it’s never a good idea to plead guilty unless you’ve explored your options and know it’s the one that will impact you least.


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