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You have a right to fight any DUI charges you face

As a business professional, the last thing you want to have staining your name is a DUI. Unfortunately, you did make a mistake and drove home from a party while slightly intoxicated. You don’t believe that the officer who pulled you over had an accurate Breathalyzer, though. The first reading was .08, but the second was only .05.

Your concern is that you are going to end up with a DUI despite faulty equipment and the knowledge that you didn’t drive recklessly. You were stopped for a tail light burning out, not for being reckless. Today, you’re concerned that you’re going to lose clients and have a damaged reputation because of a series of misunderstandings. 

The good news is that you can fight against DUI charges, especially in a case like yours. If you speak with your attorney about the readings of the breath test, for example, you’ll likely find that the law dictates how far apart those readings can be. In most cases, there is allowed to be no more than a .02 percent difference. If the difference is more than that, it could mean that the device is faulty and not working correctly. On the other hand, it might mean that the officer is not giving the test correctly. Even worse, the machine may not be calibrated, which leads to poor reading results.

What can you do if you think you’re falsely accused of a DUI?

When you’re with the police, you can follow their instructions, but it is advised not to answer questions or say anything incriminating. It’s best to talk to your attorney before you speak with the police, so you know what you’re required to tell the officers and what you don’t have to discuss.

Another good idea is to do what you can to keep this out of the media. As a business professional, it could end up online or in the newspapers, but you want to try to mitigate that negative attention as soon as you can. Getting the charges dropped is one way to do that. Another could be to settle a case quickly, so you don’t have to drag it out and have a court date made public.

DUIs are not fun for anyone, and they can damage your career. It’s always a good idea to discuss the situation with a professional, so you can get the right advice for your situation.


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