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Here are 6 interesting facts about alcohol that you may not know

Alcohol is a great way to unwind and enjoy your night, but it can also lead to problems for those who choose to enjoy a little too much. From DUIs and life-changing charges to crashes that cause injuries, drinking and driving is one of the worst things people can choose to do.

Sometimes, the issue is that there have been myths about alcohol use that cloud people’s vision. For example, a common myth is that coffee will help you sober up if you’ve been drinking. The reality is that coffee won’t help at all.

Here are six facts that you should know about alcohol and the way it works.

1. Alcohol leaves the body at around .015% per hour

Your body can only expel alcohol so quickly. That rate is at around .015% per hour. The only thing that helps you sober up is time.

2. Standard drinks contain the same amount of alcohol

A 12-ounce beer should be considered the same as drinking 1.5 ounces of distilled spirits. A small glass of 5 ounces of wine also contains the same amount of alcohol as these two other drinks.

3. Alcohol is a depressant

Though many people claim they feel good when drinking, it’s actually a depressant. What this means is that while alcohol can produce feelings of euphoria and relaxation at first, it can also cause some people to become depressed or angry. It has a depressive impact on the body, meaning that it slows down the function of the brain, heart and other organs.

4. Mixing drinks can affect your blood alcohol content

Mixing drinks has the potential to affect your BAC. It could make it higher, for example, if you drink your alcohol with a fizzy drink like a pop or energy drink.

5. Not all alcohol drinkers are alcoholics

Drinking too much, getting behind the wheel and facing a DUI might cause people to question if you’re an alcoholic, but studies have shown that alcohol doesn’t necessarily lead to alcoholism, and not all of those who drink are alcoholics or will be alcoholics.

6. It’s safe to drive with a low BAC

You may think it’s safe to drive with a BAC under .08%, but the truth is that you can face a DUI if your BAC is lower than this and you’re driving recklessly. If you’ve been drinking, it’s always better to catch a cab or to go home with a friend, so you avoid a DUI or alcohol-related crash.

These are six things you should know about alcohol. Be safe and remember them when you’re drinking.


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