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How your teen’s DUI could affect their future

A DUI charge can be a lifechanging event for anyone. They can especially affect a teen. If your child receives conviction of driving under the influence, now is the time to start thinking about how it could affect their future.

Considering college

While not all colleges and universities ask about criminal records on their applications, many still do run background checks or ask if there are any charges against the potential student.

If your teen is applying to colleges with a DUI on record, it may be beneficial for you to be honest with the school. There is a chance that the school has a policy against students with a criminal record, but they also may be looking for different types of charges, like violent crimes or sex offenses. If your teen is asked to give a criminal history or background check and refuses, the school will likely deny them.

Financial aid and housing

A criminal record can make it difficult for your student to receive financial aid from schools or from the government. It can be a hinderance in finding housing opportunities in the future as well.

Applying for jobs

Not everyone wants to go to college. Still, a DUI could affect your chances if you decide to go straight into the job market. While employers are not allowed to discriminate against an applicant due to a criminal record, it could end up lessening their chances for getting a position that involves driving a company car. If your teen is already working, a DUI could mean that they lose their job because of a clause in their employment contract or because of scheduling conflicts.

While a DUI can change the way that you and your teen approach opportunities like college, it also provides a great learning opportunity. Demonstrating to college boards or potential employers that there has been learning and growth from the situation could become an asset.


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