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Upset customer? Do these 3 things to defuse conflicts

There are times when you may have disputes with your customers. While no one wants to have arguments or disputes over their products or services, the reality is that they will happen.

To prevent a dispute from turning into a lawsuit, there are some steps you can take. You don’t necessarily have to admit to doing something wrong or give the customer what they want, but handling a dispute correctly is still essential.

What can you do to mitigate the risk of a customer dispute turning into a lawsuit?

To avoid a customer dispute turning into a business lawsuit, you should remember to do these things.

  1. Stay calm when you’re approached with a problem

If there is one thing that will quickly escalate an issue, it’s responding to it like it’s a big deal. When someone brings a problem to your attention, stay calm. The problem may be easily fixed, or it might be something that the customer just didn’t understand correctly. Take the time to listen to the customer and hear what they have to say. Some just want to know that you heard them and are willing to take their concerns into consideration.

  1. Avoid negative body language

When you’re talking to a customer and they’re complaining, it can make you want to turn away, cross your arms or frown. Do your best to avoid this negative body language. Instead, focus on the customer, and use body language that shows that you’re paying attention and open to their input. Keeping your arms down to your sides or facing the person when they talk may make you appear more sincere.

  1. Actually listen to what the customer wants

Finally, listen to what the customer wants. If they want a refund or a replacement item, it may be worth your time to do so rather than to allow the issue to escalate. For services rendered that they’re unhappy with, consider what they want you to do. Some people will ask you to refund them, but others may just want your apology.

Listening, avoiding negative body language and staying calm will all help defuse angry customers or customers with complaints. You may be able to avoid escalating the problem with these tips.


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