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What will a Pennsylvania DUI mean for your car insurance?

Getting arrested for a driving under the influence (DUI) charge in Pennsylvania will have a ripple effect on many areas of your life. You might face jail time, large fines and career penalties after your arrest. Your friends and family members might treat you differently because of your criminal charges, and those closest to you may have to help you accommodate licensing restrictions after a DUI conviction.

Unfortunately, the penalties don’t magically dissipate when you finish the criminal court process or finally get your license back. There are additional secondary consequences that will continue to impact your life for years to come. For example, DUI convictions frequently have a negative impact on your car insurance.

What will a Pennsylvania DUI mean for your insurance policy?

You will pay more for the same coverage

If you are like many drivers, keeping your insurance costs low is likely a top priority when shopping around for a policy. You may have worked with the same company for years because they offer such reasonable rates. Unfortunately, you can expect to pay a lot more regardless of what company you use after a DUI conviction.

The average driver in Pennsylvania pays $1,475 for coverage. That price tag increases to $2,022 after a first DUI charge. That’s a 37% increase in your annual premium. Most drivers will have to pay that higher rate for at least three years after their conviction, possibly longer. Those with more driving offenses on their record may see an even higher increase in what they pay or may need to change insurance policies altogether.

You may face mandatory coverage changes

Those who have multiple prior traffic offenses or another DUI on their record may no longer qualify for the same insurance they previously carried. They may need to move to a high-risk pool. This specialized insurance may cost substantially more than a standard policy and may not be available through your current insurance provider.

Even a first DUI in Pennsylvania could end up costing you thousands of dollars if you plead guilty.

Fighting back against DUI charges can help you avoid jail time, career consequences and increased Insurance costs that many people must cope with following drunk driving allegations.


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