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Start off right: The importance of business incorporation

When you have an incredible idea for a business, service or product, it is completely natural to want to move quickly to make that idea into a money-generating reality. Many people who want to start their own business focus on the smaller details, like packaging and naming products, rather than the legal technicalities involved with forming and operating a business.

How well do you understand security deposit rules in Pennsylvania

Becoming a landlord sounds like an attractive prospect on paper. To hear real estate investors talk about this career, it seems like a dream. All you need to do is secure financing to purchase a property and then sit back and collect a rent check, right? Many people who venture into the rental real estate world find themselves facing a rude awakening about the reality of landlord responsibilities.

Driving while impaired includes many substances, not just alcohol

When you drive anywhere, you have to be ready to react quickly to hazards around your vehicles. When you are impaired by anything, whether it is alcohol or some other substance, you can't react in the time or manner that you intend. This can be fatal or very dangerous.

Is it time to update your will to protect your loved ones?

If you've already made your will, you may think it is good enough to let it be until the time comes to use it. Unfortunately, this is simply untrue. While it is good to have a will, especially considering how many people do not have one, an outdated will can create numerous complications for your family and loved ones once you pass away.

Making sense of your new commercial lease agreement

Signing a commercial lease for a new property is always an exciting prospect. Perhaps your business started off in your garage or basement, and now you're finally ready to expand into your own facility. Maybe you're finally able to start producing some of your own components in-house, or you just need more space as you add more office staff to your company.

Take the time now to create a thorough estate plan

Far too many put off the creation of a last will or estate plan until they are at or even past retirement age. That can leave their families in a difficult position and end up wasting a substantial portion of their assets on probate court in the event of an accident or sudden medical event. In situations that involve minor children, not having a last will or naming a guardian could leave them vulnerable. Do you have someone you would trust with medical and financial decisions on your behalf? Do you have enough assets to make creating a trust a worthwhile procedure?

Ways to challenge breathalyzer results

When a driver receives DUI charges based on breathalyzer results, it can feel as though there is no room to build a decent legal defense. This is understandable because the media often portrays breathalyzers as airtight proof of intoxication, but this is simply not the case in many instances.

Do not ring in the New Year at a DUI checkpoint

For many people, New Year’s Eve means being with friends and imbibing in festive alcoholic beverages. This means that over the holiday more people drive while under the influence (DUI). As a responsible driver, you may be at risk for accidents and injuries over this year’s holiday weekend.

Reasons for incorporation or LLC

There are few easy decisions when it comes to your business structure. One of best ways to simplify year one of a new structure is to make it effective at the start of a new year, reducing tax and bookkeeping complications.

What the Supreme Court said about warrantless DUI body searches

The Fourth Amendment protects us from “unreasonable searches and seizures” of our property by the police. Ever since the Bill of Rights was made part of the law of the land in 1792, lawmakers, law enforcement and judges have grappled with the requirements of a search warrant -- and when exceptions to the rule apply.

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